Yac-Yan Da Biznessman

This is my story...

Yac-Yan Da Biznessman a.k.a. Yancey Warren McWeay was born and raised in Washington DC. Though accustomed to the street life at a young age, education and music were always in the forefront of his life. His diverse experiences helped mold him into the self- sufficient Biznessman we know today. Before pursuing a solo career, he was a member of the group Alius. Yac-Yan graduated Cum Laude from the University of the District of Columbia (UDC) with two degrees, while simultaneously completing his first independent album Last But Not Least. After reaching his zenith in the DC area, Yac-Yan moved to Atlanta where he has lived and succeeded for the last few years. Upon relocating, he intensified his work ethic, and quickly established a name for himself by performing at numerous events. Being an artist from the North and receiving accolades from the South's most respected power players, during the climax of Atlanta's music movement, alludes to the caliber of talent he possesses.

His music is a reflection of his encounters with people and situations. "I don't' follow trends, my music comes from the heart. When I make music it's an organic process." Yac-Yan has a gift for melody, infectious hooks and crafty lyrics. He has worked and collaborated with multi-platinum producers, songwriters and major label artist. His songs have appeared on numerous mix-tapes throughout the South and abroad. Print media has found great interest in Yac-Yan, his previous magazine features include: Street Report, SIR Magazine, FuSHion, HooD and Niche. Yac-Yan was one of the top 25 independent artist of the year according to Music Connection magazine.

Yac-Yan has shared the stage with some of hip-hop's most notable artists during major music conferences including the Texas Urban Muisc Summit, ATL Record Pool, and Riding Dirty Car Show. His performance at Riding Dirty Car Show was aired nationwide on the speed channel courtesy of Unique Whips. In 2009 Yac-Yan Da Biznessman's single "Fast Lane" earned him radio airplay in over 20 US cities and charted top 10 on the Indie radio charts. The following year he released "Be Fly" via iTunes. His persistence and diligence earned him TV and international success with the release of Good Good in 2012. ABC's sitcom Don't Trust the B—- in Apt. 23 used the song for two episodes and Verizon Wireless used Yac-Yan's song "Let's Get It" for its Fan Zone Contest. His music has since been placed in several movies, reality and scripted tv shows on major networks. With plans to release a new studio album, Yac-Yan will also extend his brand into the film and production arenas. As an established artist, he will also soon share his expertise with emerging talent that will be cultivated under his label.

In addition to music Yac-Yan has a real estate investment company, a clothing line and minority interest in other business entities. "Music is my passion but success is my obligation and daily goal". Yac-Yan is much more than an artist, he's an entrepreneur, businessman, and visionary.